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     Praying All Ways:        Nurturing Our Gifts as Friends

2022 Annual Conference

Thursday, April 28 - Sunday, May 1

Joining in a spirit of restoration and renewal, this extended-weekend retreat will integrate the sensory and experiential dimensions of prayer. The retreat will pace through group experiences, small-group reflection, and personal time to explore the evidence-based research of Dr. Howard Gardiner’s learning styles as related to prayer.


Mary Mahoney, Friend, educator, and hospital chaplain, will lead attenders through ways that prayer involves our different intelligences:

  • Logical-Mathematical
  • Visual-spatial
  • Verbal-Linguistic
  • Musical-Rhythmic
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic
  • Naturalist


With dedicated small groups to deepen in our individual and corporate practices of prayer and dedicated times for rest, we hope that each person can see how prayer and renewal go together to extend our care of ourselves and others into our working and living.


Mary Mahoney, EDD, BCC is an APC board certified staff Chaplain at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, Vancouver WA. She is a minister endorsed by the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers). She possesses an extensive background in Educational Leadership, Peace Education and Interfaith and Intercultural relations. She earned her doctorate from Seattle University. She also completed postgraduate studies with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


More About Our Annual Gathering

In a recent survey of our members, peer support was ranked as the #1 reason that 97% of respondents are involved in QPCC and as the most important reason for attending our annual conference. For another 86%, connecting with other Quakers in similar professions is a primary reason for QPCC involvement.

For these reasons and others, the QPCC conference is not just another professional convention. Rather, it is a time for refreshment and connection in a supportive and loving community. We are excited to welcome you, whether you are new to QPCC, a returning F/friend, or a long-time part of our circle.


The retreat schedule includes QPCC's amazing small groups and ample time for recharging/reconnecting with F/friends, Spirit, and self. Massage, aromatherapy, yoga, centering prayer, time in nature, and other self-care opportunities are all on the menu.

A Time of Self-Nurture

Back by popular request, this year's conference includes expanded self-nurture time through play, bodycare, nature walks, and conversations. Participants are invited to share their own techniques and gifts to others in the group during a number of time slots scattered throughout each day. In past conferences, these have included massage therapy, journaling, spiritual direction, and aromatherapy. Community-based practitioners are also on-site for QPCC'ers to sign up in advance for their  services at a reduced fee.

The Magic of Small Groups

One of the most special experiences at the annual conference is our small worship-sharing groups. Participants are divided into groups of 3 or 4, which gather to reflect on queries that align with each day's presentation. Relationships are built, and friendships are deepened in these small groups. The final small group session is dedicated to "Passing the Light," where the observed gifts of each participant are named by the other group members.


On Saturday evening, our traditional coffeehouse has always been a fun time together. Musical  instruments, talents, and board games are all welcome in this space of fun and sharing!


Conference participants are also invited to share literature and information, to bring books and crafts to sell at the conference marketplace, as well as to offer their gifts in self-nurture to QPCC members.


Interested in attending virtually? email registrar Anne Supplee for details!


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