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Quakers in Pastoral Care & Counseling

Conference Schedule

"Why Are You Doing Here?" 2023 Schedule 

* indicates virtual conference events available online


THURSDAY, April 20

4:00    Steering Committee Meeting

5:00     Registration Opens in Evans House

6:00     Supper

*7:00     Welcome and Session One with Beth Kelly

  Communicating Care, Communicating Quakerism

9:00    Vespers



FRIDAY, April 21

6:30    Yoga in Conference room in Woodard Lodge

8:00     Breakfast

8:30     Worship/Announcements

*9:00     Session Two with Beth Kelly
 Mentoring and Growing Together

*11:15     Small Groups--1

12:30     Lunch

*1:30 Breakout Sessions time #1 or rest/Reiki/massage

Jim Higinbotham, Professor of Pastoral Care at Earlham School of Religion: "Continuing Education Opportunities for Professionals"

*3:00 Breakout Sessions time #2 or rest/Reiki/massage

Maia Twedt, Chaplain, "Trauma and Caring for Others"

6:00     Supper

*7:00   Small groups--2

8:30     Vespers



SATURDAY, April 22

8:00     Breakfast

8:30 Worship/Announcements with memorial minute for Friend Loretta Gula

9:00 Breakout Sessions time #3 or rest/Reiki/massage

Bruce Heckmann, retired hospice Chaplain and psychotherapist: "Retirement"

Mary Mahoney, BCC, staff hospital chaplain, "APC Board Certification for Quakers"

*11:15-12:15 Small groups--3

12:30     Lunch & Career Conversations

*2:00    Session Three with Beth Kelly

  Listening in Tongues, Speaking in Tongues, Grounded in the Spirit

5:30     Supper with Meeting for Eating and Business

*7:00     Small Groups/Passing the Light for early departures--4

8:00     Wise and Otherwise Game (or other games, activities, etc) in Dining Room

9:00     Vespers



SUNDAY, April 23

8:00       Breakfast

9:00 Closing

10:30     Meeting for Worship

11:30     Lunch (boxed or eaten together)



Session Descriptions

Communicating Care, Communicating Quakerism (Thursday 7pm)

Friends in professional roles may disclose themselves differently depending on context. Do our identities as Friends make it into the introduction? What guides our choices? Participants will explore ways of speaking truthfully and simply, have the opportunity to introduce themselves in small breakouts, and create "elevator speeches" to use in their own practices. 


Mentoring and Growing Together (Friday 9am)

From 2019-2022, New York Yearly Meeting facilitated mentoring relationships, matching seekers (less-experienced Friends and young adults) with mentors (more-experienced Friends--who might be older, but might also be young adults). By the end of the third year, it became apparent that the hierarchy of mentors and seekers felt inauthentic. What does it mean to re-imagine mentoring? What sort of relationships support the growth of all participants while holding space for people who request help in "learning the ropes"? In our own experiences as mentors and seekers, what practices have helped us “grow together.” We will hear stories from NYYM’s Mentoring Program, share stories from our own mentoring experiences, and imagine our own next steps as co-mentors.  


Listening in Tongues, Speaking in Tongues, Grounding in Spirit (Saturday 2pm)

In practice, neither the Religious Society of Friends nor the secular world have standard ways of speaking about the Divine or about spiritual realities. As professionals, how do we open ourselves to learning about the ultimate realities of others? How do we ground our own spiritual practices when we find ourselves using other religious languages? Friends will have the opportunity to share about their experiences ministering across difference and share strategies in balancing their authentic voice with the authentic voices of those they support. 

For this workshop, please bring an object that helps you feel connected to the transcendent or represents your connection to the transcendent. 

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