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Quakers in Pastoral Care & Counseling

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Quakers in Pastoral Care & Counseling is an organization of Friends and others who are called into ministry in the areas of pastoral care, counseling, and chaplaincy. We share a commitment to taking our Quaker practice seriously and grounding our work in our faith. We include:

  • Professionals who provide direct care, clinical training and supervision, and administration
  • Students/Fellows/Residents in professional programs
  • Friends called into other manners and ministries of healing
  • Those involved in pastoral care of monthly, quarterly and/or yearly meetings
  • Friends who have retired from work in healing/caring fields

The Steering Committee deeply appreciates the continued support of the ESR administrative faculty and staff in manners large and small. ESR continues to hold our money, write our checks, and provide accounting for our funds; to include our conference in ESR publicity; and supply us with folders, photocopies and other basic items for the conference. We value our continued relationship. Richmond, Indiana--home of Earlham School of Religion and Quaker Hill Conference Center--has been the site of the in-personal annual conference since QPCC's inception. 

The Covid-19 pandemic changed much about life lived in relationship for Quakers and has renewed ways of connection for QPCC. In 2020, a virtual support group began to meet monthly, bridging people across time zones, to take solace in sharing experiences. Previously in-person conferences shifted, and the conference met virtually in 2021 and through a hybrid in-person/virtual format in 2022. 

QPCC continues to be rich in spirit and love. We hope that you will want to be part of our strong and lively community as we move ahead.


There are no membership dues for those who wish to be associated with QPCC. To learn more about Quakers and the practices of care, or to inquire about being more involved, you can email quakersinpastoralcare@gmail.com or ask to join our Facebook group by messaging the adminstrators for the Quakers in Pastoral Care and Counseling group after logging in to your Facebook account.


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