Quakers in Pastoral Care & Counseling
Quakers in Pastoral Care & Counseling

Past Conference Topics & Presenters

2023 “What are you doing here?” The Interplay of Quaker Values and Spiritual Accompaniment in Quaker and Non-Quaker Settings

 Leadership by Beth Kelly, BCC


2022 Praying all Ways: Nurturing Our Gifts as Friends
Leadership by Mary Mahoney, BCC, EdD


2021 Healing Ritual: Quaker Perspectives  

  Leadearship by Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm, PhD


2019 Healing the Breach: Moral Stress and Spiritual Reconciliation

 Leadership by Zachary Moon, PhD

2018 Awakening Together: Exploring Mindfulness, Healing Ourselves,Healing the World Valerie Brown


2017 When Life Hands You Lemons - Navigating Crises in Our Professional and Personal Lives - Amy Ward Brimmer, Cheryl Bridges, David Garman, and Ted Taylor


2015 Finding God in the Verbs: Crafting a Fresh Language of Prayer - Jennie Isbell


2014 Sailing in Shifting Seas: Faith and Meaning Making in Times of Change - Phil Gulley and Jim Mulholland

2013 Taking Stock: Professional Ministry Among Quakers - Jackie Speicher, Ellen Hodge, Jennie Isbell, Kate Jaramillo, Judith Shea, David Garman

2012 Courage to Lead: Lessons from the Circles of Trust - John Fenner & Alison DeHart

2011 Writing & Art to Reach the Soul - Anne Beaufort

2010 Recharging Our Spiritual Batteries from the Quaker Tradition - Michael Birkel

2009  Living & Working in the Light - Mel Keiser

2008  Grief Broadly Painted - Rusty Moe

2007  Planting Seeds of Hope and Joy - Anita Paul and Laura Melly  

2006  We Shall All Be Changed: Experiencing God's Love through Health Changes - Peter Blood, Bill Ratliff, Elaine Emily, Elisabeth Dearborn & Maureen Flannery  

2005  From Fragmentation to Wholeness: Rebuilding from the Inside Out - Jan Wood  

2004  Fostering Resilience in Time of Trauma: Making Connections that Support Growth - Margaret Kornfeld with Jesse Paledofsky  

2003  Spiritual Disciplines for Deep Relaxation and Quiet - John Calvi & Liz Keeney  

2002  Innate Spirituality - Nancy Bieber & Dan Snyder  

2001  Ministering to the Male Soul - Jesse Paledofsky, Peter Blood, Worth Hartman & Ben Tousley  

2000  Entering Fear, Reclaiming Faith - Jane Brown, M.J. Robinson, Dan Snyder & Patty Levering  

1999  Healing Images of God - John Calvi & Katherine Damiano  

1998  Ministering from the Whole Self: Sharing Our Pathways to God - Isabella Bates & Bill Taber  

1997  Sharing Our Sacred Stories: Creating Community in the Light - Mickey Edgerton & Laura Dodson  

1996  Ministering from the Divine Center: Emotional and Spiritual Integrity for the Caregiver - Allen Oliver & Felicity Brock Kelcourse  

1995  Radical Spirituality in our Pastoral Care & Counseling - Jan Wood & George Fitchett  

1994  From Whence Cometh Our Help? - Demaris Wehr & Dan Snyder  

1993  Spiritual Integrity - Sandra Cronk & Bill Ratliff  

1992  Quaker Distinctives - David Garman, Jane Brown, Andy Grannell & Loretta Gula

1991 What Does It Mean to Be a Quaker Called into Ministry as a Chaplain or Pastoral Counselor? - Mickey Edgerton, George Fitchett, Carolyn Treadway, Jesse Paledofsky & Maureen Graham

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