Quakers in Pastoral Care & Counseling
Quakers in Pastoral Care & Counseling

Sample Letter #1

Dear Friends:

Regarding [candidate]'s application for membership in [or certification by] the [name of organization], I affirm that s/z/he has received endorsement for ministry as a professional chaplain/pastoral therapist. 


I also affirm that s/z/he he has been sent out (commissioned) to work in a ministry of pastoral care/psychotherapy.  Since Friends do not observe the practice of ordination, each Meeting has the authority to recognize gifts of ministry and to provide oversight for our members who minister as professionals.

 ______ Monthly/Yearly Meeting is in full support of [candidate]'s call to the ministry of chaplaincy/pastoral counseling and we recommend her for certification in the [organization].

In faith,
_______, Presiding Clerk

_______ Monthly/Yearly Meeting


Sample Letter #2

Dear Friends,

The _______ Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends has endorsed [candidate's name]'s ministry as a chaplain/pastoral counselor.  [Candidate] is a member in good standing of our Meeting.

At our Meeting for Worship for the purpose of conducting business held on [date], the Meeting united in a minute approving [candidate] for ministry as a chaplain/pastoral counselor.

The Meeting will provide continuing oversight of [candidate's] ministry by appointing a committee of support to meet with him/her on a quarterly basis.

In faith,
________, Presiding Clerk

________ Monthly/Yearly Meeting



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